© 2020 Dorian Inskeep Traynham

who is dorian?

Over the past few years, my work has investigated the visual patterns found in the effects of urban sprawl.  I have lived most of my life in a rural setting where the geometric identity was the farmland, the view along county roads and the geometric architecture of the buildings. As the landscape begins to change with the encroachment of suburbanization, the arrangement of the land is altered, the geometric becomes an uneven pattern of growth.

The process of my work, explored through drawings, paintings, printmaking, and assemblages, begins with appropriation of a central motif found in the media and at the recycling stations. Next, marks are layered in which obliterate some characteristics of the patterns, resulting in a faint impression and alluding to the fading landscape. Layers are the passage of time , whether good or bad. 


In found objects, our presence permeates each object from construction to disposal. In its final stage, the marred surface is mangled,

altered, but the template still exists. 


My response to the scourge of consumerism examines the expansion of new highways, duplicated subdivisions, and the waste left at the landfills.